Janice Caswell

Double Vision:
Artists who Instagram

September 16th – October 7, 2017

Organized by Erick Johnson and Janice Caswell

LABspace, 2642 NY Route 23 just west of NY Route 22 in Hillsdale, NY

Opening reception for the artists:
Sept. 16 from 5-7 pm

gallery hours:
11-5 Saturday and by appointment

Exhibition catalog (pdf)

Rosaire Appel
Janice Caswell
Erick Johnson
Mary Lum
Tom Martinelli
Liz Nielsen
Chris Sauter
Karen Schifano
Karen Schiff

Artists have long turned to photography as a means of augmenting their studio practice or as an end in itself. But today so many of us have a camera on hand and numerous ways to instantly display, share, edit and store images, changing how we interact with what we see.“Double Vision: Artists who Instagram” investigates the sometimes blurred line between studio and street. When the artist leaves the studio, what do they “see” and what do they photograph? Is it an extension of their vision, a corollary practice, or something in between? How do the two feed each other? The curators, artists who are active Instagram users themselves, became aware of many others who are taking photos that seem directly connected to the art they make. Their photographs clearly relate to their studio work, though none of these artists consider themselves photographers or envision their photographs being presented as their art. This show pairs the artists’ studio work with a sampling of the photographs they’ve shared on Instagram, allowing the two to coexist in the gallery space and highlighting their connections to
each other.

Installation images