Janice Caswell

Blog post : test 2

We’re almost a generation into the digital/online era. The web has been mainstream for about 20 years, blogs for about 10 years , Twitter for almost four. Now seems about when we might expect to see a major museum survey of an artist who lives or shares much of his career online, no?

Sure enough, this fall the Walker Art Center will present a Siri Engberg-curated Alec Soth retrospective. The show opens this weekend. By my reckoning, Soth is the first ‘online figure’ to receive a major museum, career-length survey. (Zoe Strauss, whose retrospective will touch down at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in early 2012 may be the second. Paul Chan might be in the running, but he’s probably a bit less present digitally than Soth and the New Museum isn’t the Walker. Readers: Other candidates?) [Image: Alec Soth, Charles, Vasa, Minnesota, 2002.]

How easy is Soth to find online? Here’s my list of where to find his sites (did I miss anything?):

Also, I haven’t seen the show’s catalogue yet, but the cover looks fantastic.